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Program Rules

First-Time Participants


1. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Principles of Success program will be conducted online.  To participate, applicants must have

    internet access.  Participants must be online and visible for the duration of each program session.  

2. Applicants must be between 13 and 17 years old.  All applicants are required to submit an application and participate in an interview (online or phone).  

  • Interviews will last approximately 35 minutes.

  • Business attire is highly recommended for the interview process.  

  • The interview will not be conducted if the applicant is late.

  • Applicants must have some knowledge about the Principles of Success Motivational Program and its purpose, and be able to articulate why they desire to join the program.


3. Participants are expected to attend ALL meetings (see session dates on Calendar page).  The orientation session on May 22, 2021 is            

   MANDATORY for all selected participants AND parents.  Failure to attend (participant and parent) will result in cancellation of acceptance to the               program.


4.  Each participant will be awarded a scholarship of up to $450 ($150 for session attendance. $200 for perfect attendance, $100 for optional book report), 

     subject to the following conditions:

  • Disbursements will take place at the conclusion of the July 10th, August 21st, and October 9th sessions, as well as the Culmination Event in November.  Participants who borrow a laptop from the Principles of Success Program will have their stipends withheld until the laptop is returned in working condition.

  • Participants must have perfect attendance to receive the perfect attendance bonus.

  • The $200 ‘perfect attendance bonus' scholarship will be disbursed at the Culmination Event in November.  Participation in the event is required to receive the disbursement.  One absence will result in the loss of $50 and the $200 'perfect attendance bonus' scholarship.  Two absences will result in automatic dismissal from the program.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Participants may earn a $100 bonus for submitting a book report (book will be provided) that meets the guidelines communicated by the Executive Director.


4.  Unless otherwise directed by the Executive Director, participants are required to wear the POS polo shirt or a shirt and tie to all program



5.  Tardiness/Leaving Early: Multiple (2 or more) occurrences of tardiness/leaving early could result in the loss of the scholarship and/or dismissal from            the program.  Tardiness is considered joining class 5 minutes or more after the 9:30 a.m. start time.


6.   No cell phones or other electronic devices other than those used for the program may be used during the program sessions.  


Alumni Participants

  1. Alumni participants must submit an online application and participate in an interview.

  2. Alumni participants must be able to recite and write the POS Mantra during the interview.

  3. Each alumni participant will be asked to mentor one primary participant (guidelines will be provided).

  4. Alumni participants will be asked to bridge the gap between mentors and mentees during sessions. They may also be asked to serve as peer mentors to first-year participants (guidelines will be provided).

  5. Alumni participants (first-time only) will receive a scholarship of $250 if absent for no more than one monthly session. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  6. Alumni participants will be eligible to earn an additional $100 by completing an optional book report (book to be provided).

  7. Unexcused absences for three sessions will result in dismissal from the program. NO EXCEPTIONS.


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